M.E. Sequoyah

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M.E. Sequoyah… Morgan Edward, but call him M.E.

He’s an ex-baseball player, a second baseman for the Seattle Mariners. An up-and-coming star in the mid to late 90s, good fielder, better hitter. His career average is .300… three hits in ten at-bats (including a homer). In his fourth Major League game, a catcher masquerading as a bulldozer broke up not just the double play but Sequoyah’s knee as well. His knee never recovered.

The day he made his debut with the M’s was the happiest day of his life. Second happiest — the day they blew up the Kingdome, and with it the field on which his career began… and ended.

He lives on his Catalina 30 in Seattle. Sounds romantic, but mostly it’s cheap, with enough headroom (barely) for his muscular¬†6’1″ frame. He reads. He sails. He works out to excess, a lifetime’s habit. He hangs with friends on C Dock. And once in a while he scouts a few prospects as a favor to his buddy “Rod” Sterling of the Diamondbacks.

He avoids relationships. Things built to last never do, he fears. That’s what happened with his knee, and his career, after all. (Never mind that his boat’s almost as old as he is, and it’s doing just fine. On the other hand, he did replace the engine ten years ago.)

He’s 1/16 Cherokee. He thinks he’s a descendant of the great Chief Sequoyah, but he’s been lied to before. And he doesn’t much care; it’s a good story to tell over a beer. He does wish, however, that Sterling would stop calling him “Chief.”

He’s happy with his life. It’s a good life, stable, comfortable, constant.

That’s all about to change….

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