Going, Going, Gone

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When retired second baseman M.E. Sequoyah fills in for a dead Diamondbacks scout, he’s seeking quality ballplayers – until he’s forced to seek out the scout’s killer.

Sequoyah’s been out of baseball fifteen years, living on his boat and cross-checking a handful of prospects each year for the D-backs. When their Seattle-area scout, Bud Parnevik, turns up dead, they talk Sequoyah into filling in for a few weeks.

The local police rule Parnevik a suicide. However, while trying to find players who can hit a curve, Sequoyah finds evidence that Parnevik didn’t pull himself from life’s lineup. The final box score should record an assist, but the cops have closed the scorebook. They’re not happy when Sequoyah hands them the perfect suspect. They’re going to be even less happy when Sequoyah realizes he’s fingered the wrong person.

M.E. Sequoyah’s got his hands full. He’s messing around with murder. He’s looking for kids who’ll have a shot at the big leagues. He’s violated a cardinal rule of both scouting and his own life by falling for a prospect’s belligerent but beautiful mother.

And the real killer is trying to knock M.E. Sequoyah out of the game permanently.

Going, Going, Gone is 80,000 words of danger, adventure, intrigue, and a touch of behind-the-scenes baseball lore.

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