Detroit or Buffalo

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Barbara Keith’s old song Detroit or Buffalo sums up spring training for me.

Am I going to make the club come April, or will I get sent back to a minor-league town?

I don’t mean to knock Buffalo, but in baseball it’s not the show. In reality, it’s more like the distance between the Ritz Carlton in New York and a Motel 6 in Effigy, Ohio. But this song… “and I’m taking the train to the end of the line.”

Sorry I couldn’t find a live version.

As a bonus, here’s a recording of Barbara Keith with the band Kangaroo, where she first came to public attention. The Doors were fans, and as a result she opened for The Who and The Doors at a (in)famous live show in Flushing, NY in 1968.

Why infamous? Ever heard The Who’s Sally Simpson, from Tommy? It’s based on a real incident. At that show. A girl rushed the stage trying to touch Jim Morrison, and the cops surrounding the stage clubbed her and left her bleeding, with Morrison protecting her until the band left the stage right afterwards.

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