Billy Joel Puts Out the Fire

This is a classic. Billy Joel commits a two-base error on the second verse of We Didn’t Start the Fire:

Okay, every singer forgets the words at some point. (The tradition of the audience singing the first verse of Hungry Heart without The Boss began when Springsteen forgot the words one night and the […]

Taking a Bad Route to the Ball = 37 Points of Batting Average!

Last week I put up a story explaining what it means for an outfielder to take a great route to a ball.

(During the course of Going, Going, Gone, M.E. Sequoyah scouts two prospects who don’t have a lot else going for them, but they know how to run down a fly ball.)

Here’s a […]

If This Book Can Go Out of Print, We’re All in Trouble

I heard a rumor that that the children’s classic Everyone Poops has been allowed to go out of print.

Its Amazon page seems to confirm that, noting the book is available only from third-party sellers (e.g., used books, proof and author’s copies, etc.).

This book is a true classic. No, really. If you have […]

I Lost on Jeopardy, Part 2

Even better than Weird Al singing is Arthur Chu lip-syncing to it.

Give the guy props, he came off as a stiff on TV, but he does have a sense of humor.

Love him or hate him, he’ll be back for the Tournament of Champions.

My own take: From the standpoint of the game […]

I Lost on Jeopardy

In honor of Albert Chu, the “man who broke Jeopardy”:

Fun to watch a bit of the old-style Jeopardy (sorry, Jeopardy! with an exclamation mark) with Art Fleming.

Mindblowing Jazz… in the NYC Subway

Friends, you’ve got to hear Too Many Zooz.


If You Can’t Touch Them All, Feel It All

KT Tunstall, live, solo.

Worth a listen or three.


Prince Fielder? No, Prince Rogers Nelson

Prince (nee Prince Rogers Nelson, nee the-unpronounceable-symbol-formerly-known-as-The-Artist-in-capital-letters) has almost as many hits as Prince Fielder. Better hits, too, knocking most of them out of the park.

Here’s a live performance from last night.

Sometimes it’s easy, amid all the self-promotion and hype, to forget how ferociously talented a musician he is. I hope […]

Taking a Good Route to the Ball

One of the things scouts – such as (mythical) M.E. Sequoyah – watch for is the route outfielders take to the ball. It’s one of the hardest things to teach, and it’s not easy to explain in either baseball or mathematical terms.

Major League Baseball has a new tracking system that captures and distills this […]

Springsteen Sings for Kids Who’ll Never Make the Show

Recorded by a fan on (probably) a smartphone in New Zealand, home of Lorde:

(Revised with a better video.)

Bruce performing Royals! Nah, not a great performance, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime event that speaks to why I try to put as much live music here as I can.

And it’s a perfect song […]